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Welcome to Common Blood!

Common Blood is a family friendly guild on Kilrogg established in May 2006.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please first review our Guild Conduct Expectations policy. For full site access, click the link at the top of this page. Applications to join the guild can be submitted on the Forums

Other Guild News

Highmaul Progress

stilah, Mar 5, 15 11:57 PM.
Twins Down!

Balrogia, Batler, Blantons, Eldarion, Garraty, Markcalloway, Shiftingrune, Shocah, Stilah, Tanar, Varreth, Vonwillebran, Waarheid, Wasantme


stilah, Dec 25, 14 9:23 PM.
CB Raiders in Highmaul

Kargath Bladefist

Balrogia, Batler, Bladen, Blantons, Garraty, Shanah, Shangra, Skiphunter, Stilah, Tobias, Varreth, Vecrasia, Waarheid

The Butcher

Balrogia, Batler, Blantons, Bladen, Garraty, Illandris, Podenga, Skiphunter, Stilah, Tanar, Tobias, Varreth, Vescovo
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MVP of the Month

WoD Raid Progression

Blackrock Foundry 0/10
Highmaul (normal) 2/7

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